Arial Views around the Hilltowns
Blue Heron Powered Parachute used for some of the
"Main Street"  Knox                                 January 06
Cessna 150 used for some of the photography.
"Main Street"  Knox                                 January 06
                                                                     June 02
Pond on Line Road                                                 June 02
Wright's Delights on opening day  June 02
Rudy Stempel's Saw Mill           June 02
Cornerof  Beebe and Knox Gallupville Roads Jan 06
Gordon Farmz                         June 02
The old Beebe farm pond     June 02
Development on Knox Cave Road    Jan 06
Hillside in Berne                         Oct 03
Beebe and Middle Roads      Oct 03
Lucky's and the Town Garage      Oct  03
Tabor Road                               Oct 03
Lower end of Middle Road          Oct 03
Schoharie Creek north of I-88    Oct 04
Gaige & Knox-Galupville Rds      Oct 04
Pond on Knox Cave Road         Nov 04
Knox Cave and 156                  Nov 04
Route 146 in Altamont             Dec 04
Beebe and Knox Galupville     May 05
Gaige and Knox Gallupville     May 05
Fonda Speedway along Mohawk River
House and pool along route 156
Maze on Beebe Road
On Tompsons Lake Road
Near Duanesburg
Thompsons Lake
Warners Lake